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18 Dec 2016–28 Oct 2017

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To be honest, Aurora was my favourite discord server. Sure, I did get my fair share of strikes, but it was fun. I’m really sad to see it go, but hopefully we can go on.


Aurora Community was a very big server and I hope NC Community grows bigger. I will miss Aurora and hope NC fills the gap of this void.


Aurora, i didn’t think much of it first. i just thought of it as a snide windows world. i never really wanted to move on, but i did. it was ok not perfect but it was still there i guess. it p__d me off when i had to leave, i dont know what made me get so p__d about it but ah well. rip ar.

Sean Anidox

I joined Aurora from a REC video. At first I was just there to say hi to Sam, but it turned into much more than that. I started talking to others in the server, made lots of friends and I had an amazing time. The night I got trusted I was as happy as I could be. Then, Squadron left the staff team. I applied, thinking I wouldn’t get it, but I was wrong. » Expand


Whilst Aurora has had its ups and downs in the past, I have always felt really honoured to be part of such a community. Sure, there’s been a lot of drama which I didn’t exactly enjoy so much, but it’s the fun moments that I’ll always remember. If being part of all of this has taught me anything, it’s that I will always try and treasure the great moments that I have, rather than dwelling on the awkward, bad moments that I remember. I’ll really miss this server. Massive community with over 3,000 members until one day… this server got NUKED! Ever since the nuke, the server never got restored back where it was before. » Expand

At the end of the day, we’ve all made mistakes, but being involved in Aurora isn’t one of them. Thank you so much to everyone who made this such an amazing place

Harrison AO554

As one of the Original managers for Aurora, being one of the next to CEO high ups was a journey and also being the main person doing the charity livestreams was a really good (ill be it slightly annoying) job. I loved doing those livestreams and maintaining the server was a fun experience as well.
I’m sorry all things had to end like this but, Goodbye Aurora.

  • Harrison

Bob BobPony

Aurora Community or Aurora, or whatever you call this server, this was REC’s and Devon’s server when it was first born. This server was created to be a community for Da532’s fans and also REC’s fan too, and for people to discuss about scambaiting, technology, and a lot more! This community kept growing and growing into a very massive community with over 3,000 members until one day… this server got NUKED! Ever since the nuke, the server never got restored back where it was before. » Expand

Thank you all for being part of the Aurora Community, this server has a lot of memories, without you people this server wouldn’t of lasted this long.

Goodbye Aurora Commmunity for the last time, we hope we see you in NC Network.

Owen Crismenth

I most likely would’ve killed myself if it wasn’t for aurora Reminded of bob, joined bpc Someone mentions SSL, so I joined it Espi gave me an invite to nc suuuuuuuuuper long ago, applied for staff and that’s what changed my life. Me getting that staff It boosted my confidence It’s sad to see aurora go But I feel like it’s for the best

Kira Crashie

Aurora is somethings that special to not only myself but also to my heart. It’s a place where I’ve met a lot of friends and servers. I agree that its best era was before Armada (now Novus) was a thing. I remember when I got banned here because everyone thought that I was Tim, with him in the crashie brand and all, lol. With all that being said, I’ll definitely miss this place and all the good times I’ve had for sure.

Goodbye Aurora.

Devon Da532

Honestly, Aurora is like my child and like an insane mother I tried to smother it with a pillow, put an end to my evil child. The fact it’s continued living so long has really shocked me but it’s finally getting what it deserves.


You’ll always hold a place in my heart.

Dan Gordon Ramsay

Well, this is awkard isn’t it…

I joined Aurora in like summer of 2017, and I gained popularity very quickly, and I really enjoyed it here.. Then, within 3 weeks I was a Manager, a shocking thing which I didn’t expect to happen. Soon after I got Manager, devon went on a crazy one and started doing s__t here an there, and stuff was happening. » Expand

After this event, Devon asked me to destroy the server.. but my morals stopped me.. but then he brought up the idea of doing it with my bot.. but using my token.. this caused alot of s__t and all that began from there was a s__theap, to be fair, I actually regretted it at some points, remembering the fun times, wether it me being mocked by people for my crap music, or me making unfunny Gordon Ramsay memes, they were fun, I’ll never forget those moments.

I guess I’m just sorry for finally admitting to this at this time, but I hope it just goes upwards from here I guess, and I wish you the best of luck in doing so. I’m banned from NC I’m afraid, due to Espi banning me for whatever reason, and I’m a sensible human who won’t be able to stay up until 1am to watch the death of Aurora once and for all. But, apart from that, cya I guess.

  • Dan, the best chef.

Dmitry Dimoniwer

Honestly, this is been a best server I ever seen. With Aurora I met up cool people like Red_Eye_Computing, Da532 and etc… But after nuke, Aurora just became useless because it lost 3K members and nobody joins it because it’s just dead without Da532. I really miss Aurora so much, but now it’s gone.. Quitely sad :(

Korben THEDUDE342

Nowadays Aurora was never on my mind unless I wanted to talk on it but I use to love going on their talking about random stuff and that. I can remember getting banned and joining on alts until Devon banned. Just showed dedication I guess. Now it’s time for a new era, the NC era

Ewan EC420

I was staff on Aurora for a brief period of time, but that doesn’t matter, all that matters was that I enjoyed my time there, I met some of the greatest people that I wouldn’t have met without it, with or without staff on the server, it was still a great place to be, I know sometimes it was bad with who was picked as staff *cough* Cameron *cough* but overall it was a good place to be and it died at the same way it was made, drama

Carey Gellatio

When I joined Aurora, I had no idea what I was getting into. After less then a month of being there, I was accepted as a moderator. 3 weeks later, I was banned for doing my job. I was banned for 2 weeks and I didn’t really have anywhere else to go. I finally got my mod back and was later promoted to admin. I was then banned a second time for making a pedo joke about Devon. I love Aurora, but ever since the 2 nukes, it’s never been the same.

Gordon GordonImpossible

When I first joined Aurora it changed my life and Discord experince
I love all the people here and will still do. Aurora even knowing that it wont be alive anymore it will live on in our hearts


Ever since I joined aurora it was an amazing place, I’ve always wanted to become a partner ever since Da532 lost ownership of the server, I just loved being in here, until the sunset came. I sure will miss and have good memories of this place for a very long time, but some good things have to come to an end at some point. Goodbye aurora, you will be missed.


I joined here early this year. I was just demoted in another server for being a mild physcopath, was going through a LOT of mental health issues and was ill almost daily from school. I became friends with REC. I related to him because of the area of the country we both lived in. » Expand

I talked in Aurora for a while. I learned who a lot of the members were and generally relaxed a lot more in that server than others. I met REC. I remember being in a voice call with him and my IRL friend in KFC lol. I made it to Mod and was demoted due to beef. Even when I hated Da532 and his friends, I was still able to stay in Aurora.

I got given Administrator. It felt like I had power on a massive server. I feel I was very responsible that time with it. Then the first server nuke happened and I got demoted.

After that, I applied for Mod and got accepted. I feel I did a pretty good job. It was removed during the second nuke and never added because they felt like they had enough moderation.

Thats my history. It has helped me because it made me feel like I was a part of something during my lowest times.

Rest in peace Aurora,

Jj The Husky

Well, its closing. I found Aurora from SSL whenever drama came here, I somehow worked my way up to Admin, before leaving because of some s__t. It was a good experience, moderating a rather large server. Some things I enjoyed and agreed, some not.
It’s been rough, but all good things come and go. You will be missed. I guess its journey will somehow continue in other servers.
Cheers Aurora and all the staff.

Will Lazer

Aurora was the first massive server I ever joined and right from the get-go, it pretty much changed my life. I remember getting the Trusted role and it was definitely one of the best days of my life. » Expand

Thanks to everyone who made my time at Aurora awesome ;)

~ Lazer

Leo theLMGN

I was one of the first members to join the server when it became public, and was in the server before Novus, before Aurora, before WindowsWorld, Before REG+Friends, back when it was ScamCentral. I helped make the original AuroraBot and AuroraRadio, and even hosted it for a while if memory serves correct. I’ve seen members come and go. Staff members come and go. Memes come and go. The server being nuked. Talking in #mainchat in my downtime at school. Partnership come and go. Reputation come and go. Memories come and stay. » Expand

I loved it. I’m sad to see Aurora go.
I like to think I tried my best when it came to Aurora.
– Thanks for reading. Thanks for being a part of this great community.
Leo (theLMGN)

Michael Memes

Aurora was a amazing server. Nothing different could change my life. This server is where I started DISCORD from. So it is sad to see this go… It is so, so, so, sad. I rememeber the good old days. When Devon and REC were owner. It has changed a lot over the time. It is like I said really sad to see Aurora dieing. When I came home from school today I looked at Aurora and saw that it was ending. I was really sad. It has been a good time in Aurora.


Before novus and synergy and all that, there was this server, I loved the f__k out of this server and to see it go just saddens me that nearly year’s worth of effort and work has to be wasted like this » Expand

I know that I left little bits of my memories in AR Memories but it’s about time I say it Aurora community has been quite the attachment to me, even before it was what it became now. Sure there was drama and a lot of bickering but in the end we all got out strong, the fact that this server is going to be archived in two days just makes me sad, it makes me worried about the friends I made on this server, it’s no wonder why I’ve lost most of my memories and I’m probably gonna lose a lot of friends
Just memories turned to dust
That’s right, my memories are nothing but stupid pieces of fluff that make you sneeze
Memories that will never come back Memories…that I wish I had kept safe
I guess it’s time for me to make some new memories

All good things must come to an end…

Billy noobkilervip

Aurora Community was my life. I was a big meme for all. Even tho Aurora has had a rough history, I stood by it even after the nuke. I was a Mod in Aurora for a short time - that was my best time in the community. All the drama, the Gordon Ramsay memes, jokes about my English, and me talking about my servers. I loved it, then Novus came along and that is where I spend most of my time now.

Orlando S

Seeing Aurora go is a shame, I remember joining Discord so I could talk on Aurora, I met some new friends there and all of the staff were friendly.
R.I.P Aurora Community, you will be dearly missed.

Oscar oskikiboy

Aurora ment many things to me, it was a place to chat, a place to make friends, and a place to make China memes. I’ll miss you Aurora!

Sam RedEyeComputing

Aurora Community, some of the best times of my life. When making the community with Devon, I never thought it would grow the the level it did. There was no drama, everyone was friends and it was… amazing. I will miss Aurora and the memories attached to it. Aurora was something truly beautiful.

Reign I

I joined Aurora to get to know Sam and his friends and hopefully become friends with him and make some content together which thankfully happened. I’m honestly glad I joined because I made so many new friends and so much new content and it’s really been a blast for me. I can’t wait to see where the community goes next and who’ll be following it. I’ll miss you aurora, thanks for everything


Befriending torazer helped me accept that i was a furry, everyone in the server helped me out when I was at my lowest point when I couldn’t sleep due to the pressure and discomfort that I felt when I had to come out to my parents and my depression that happened after some s__t with my parents

Rhys SunburntRock89

It’s sad to see Aurora go, it was one of the best communities ever. I became friends with most of Squadron there. I felt accepted there. I’m gonna miss it.

Josh Technach

Aurora was the main hub for all of us for the longest time. We were all together, no drama, no “piddo” accusations, no slander, just us, and many, many others being one in a server. It was something special, we had something very little servers had, yes sometimes we we experienced a bit of internal drama along the way but we pulled through just fine. » Expand

Hayden htbrown

My first one was bad, so let’s go again.

I wasn’t particularly active in Aurora, but it still felt like a home. Almost everyone from it was nice to me, even if I was too socially awkward to talk about anything other than internet speeds, and I still have some friends from there today. I guess it was nice to have a community to belong to in a way. I felt like, even though I didn’t talk, I was still part of something.

In the end, I’m grateful to the people who brought it back, but unfortunately everything good has to come to an end one day. Aurora’s time, while great, had come to an end.


Ever since I’ve joined Aurora, it’s changed my Discord experience for the better, as a welcoming and super fun community.

I’ll miss you, Aurora.

Michael TheRandomMelon

The decision to merge Aurora today wasn’t a shocking one. Aurora has been a dormant server ever since Devon’s raid. We all thought it’d be coming. Admit it. Espi, who is “super passionate” about Aurora, is at the forefront of its death, especially with the merge of NC Network. It’s probably for the best, however. » Expand

Thanks for all the support in Aurora over the years. It’s genuinely appreciated, from the bottom of my heart.

Best wishes,


It’s actually sad to see Aurora leaving. Honestly, since Devon nuking the server, it has lost all of its reputation; cucking with 3000 members wasn’t ever a good idea. So, see you in NC soon.


Aurora. Oh boy. I’ve been here ever since ScamCentral was a thing. I remember like it was yesterday how much fun we all had in Aurora.. But then, drama happened, it got nuked, and we tried to recover it. Unfortunately.. We weren’t strong enough. » Expand

I’ll miss Aurora. It was fun, but all good things come to an end eventually… Goodbye Aurora, you will be missed.. Best of wishes and love from Vlag.

  • Vlad, the “old” CEO of Aurora


I joined WWP back in the day to meet Sam and his freinds, then I got mod and its members became like a family to me, then It got remade into Aurora and I joined that and never got my rank, So i waited, until I got Moderator and now I cant wait for whats next for AR/NC!

Tim WindowsLogic

Aurora was a server I used to be staff in, sad to see it go really. Good luck to all of the staff in the future.

David xSolidFigure

I really love this place, it was fun to communicate with people (including Da532, Red_Eye_Computing, and other well-known staff). Not only that, you can also enjoy fun events, such as Karaoke Night. This is why I loved the place so much, and I had a good time spending there. Of course, I’m not always active in Aurora Community, since I have to moderate other servers. Thank you Aurora, you’ll be remembered. I will see you in NC Network, where we make more fun together.

Peace out everyone, and signing off!


Thanks very much to everyone who submitted their message here or were just a part of Aurora in general. It's been a wonderful journey.

- Tom

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